Dru Yoga Training

Dru Yoga is registered with the Yoga Alliance (200 hr course) and the Independent Yoga Network (UK) so you can be confident that your training:
•  presents a comprehensive, in-depth syllabus
•  provides clear, easy-to-follow illustrated manuals
•  taught by top international tutors
•  offers the recognition of an international school
•  leads to membership in a vibrant network of Dru teachers.

What makes this course unique?

Choosing the right yoga school to train with is a big decision and will shape your entire career as a yoga teacher. Since 1985 we have trained thousands of Dru Yoga teachers worldwide, with many hundreds currently in training. Half our students start to teach before graduation, helping to recoup their costs.
•    Start teaching and earning halfway through the course
•    Flexible course structure (miss a day and catch up elsewhere)
•    Indepth post-graduate programmes, including ongoing training in back care and pre-natal which can lead to a yoga therapist accreditation
•    A variety of payment plans is available.

What if I want to do the course just for my own personal development?

About one third of our students do the course for their own personal growth, knowing that Dru’s deep insights into the body-mind system will make a huge contribution to their lives. Generally, these students find the ‘teacher-training’ aspects of the course very beneficial. Here are some examples of what you 
will learn:
•    subtle energetics of rapport building
•    communication and classroom dynamics to help you in almost any interpersonal and group setting
•    fun, supportive teaching practices to help you deepen your yoga experience.

Dru Yoga Foundation Course

Gain an excellent grounding in the essential foundations of Dru Yoga. The Dru Yoga Foundation course is an opportunity to deepen your understanding of Dru Yoga and take your personal practice to a new level.

The Dru Yoga Foundation course will enable you to practise with confidence. It has the added benefit that you can continue directly onto the Dru Yoga Teacher Training oourse, with the first quarter credited to you. This course is designed for:

>  everyone who would like to develop an effective personal practice
>  those who want to explore Dru Yoga in more depth
>  anyone considering joining the Dru Yoga Teacher Training course

This 8 day foundation course, (4 x 2-day weekends), covers books 1-4 of the 16 books of the Dru Yoga teacher training course.

More Information
> Dru Yoga Teacher Training
> Dru Yoga Foundation Course
> Dru Yoga online
> Dru Meditation online

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