Selfie for Peace

selfieThis Christmas time we’d love to offer the world the gift of peace and we’d love for YOU to get involved!

Send us your Christmas time ‘selfie’ or any picture of you happy and/or meditating and we’ll create a beautiful web page and a video collage of all our images from around the world. We’re planning to create a beautiful 10 minute ‘Meditation for World Peace’ video which we hope to have ready for sometime in the New Year!

> send us your picture or ‘selfie’ or email it to:

(*by sending us your image, you agree that you consent to the image being used by Dru Yoga on our web site and in a ‘Meditation for World Peace’ video) 

Take a look at some of the Selfie’s so far….

photo-collage-3 photo-collage-2 photo-collage-1