FREE Dru Yoga

Welcome to the Dru Yoga Online Studio!

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Imagine you are joining a yoga studio… except you don’t have to leave home to attend the class

Enjoy having world-class yoga instructors in the comfort of your home, helping you to master and improve your practice at a pace that suits you best.

Our classes are suitable for all tness levels, ability, age and experience. Come and explore hundreds of classes on yoga, meditation, ayurveda, cookery, vedic astrology, kirtan, nutrition and more.

When you sign up, you’ll also receive a free gift of our downloadable classes

So, whether you’re new to Dru, new to yoga or a regular practitioner, Dru Yoga Online is for you!


3 thoughts on “FREE Dru Yoga

  1. Hi Alan, we are working out a schedule for this at the moment. All the videos released since last march are playable, and the archive will be updated soon.
    (Dru Yoga Online Studio camera man!)

  2. Where can I find the energy block releases in book form or list of releases? How to perform the block releases.

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