Dru Meditation – stress buster!

Dru Meditation is a fantastic tool to get you relaxed, emotionally balanced and looking at life from a place of stillness and focus.

Meditation is not about sitting in uncomfortable positions for hours on end… its about enjoying a bit of stillness and peace in a life that is moving very fast indeed. This week I had the emmense privilege to film one of our senior Dru Meditation teacher trainers, and original founders of Dru, Chris Barrington, for our Dru Yoga Online Studio. Every two weeks we bring out new Dru classes on a variety of subjects, like ‘Stress Less’ and ‘Trim and Fit’, but from the 1st of May Chris will be teaching a series of 3 fantastic Dru Meditation classes and teaching techniques that are unique
to the online studio!

As I was camera woman, set design, tea maker and producer of sorts… I was able to sit in and watch, listen and learn from one of the best in the field! Even the understanding of how and why to sit correctly, either in a chair or on the floor was a real eye opener. So often in my meditation I find myself restless or uncomfortable, but by simply learning to tilt the pelvis forward a fraction and lift through the sternum, means I’ve been enjoying my meditation even more this week!

So in this blog, I wanted to share a simple stress busting technique with you just to get you ready and prepared for Chris’ classes on the 1st May…

Relax for a few moments and focus on your breathing, watching the natural rhythm of each inhalation and exhalation.

Imagine a situation in your life that needs healing. Create an image of that situation in front of you, as if it were on a video screen. As you breathe in, draw some of the stress of the situation into your heart and immediately send it upwards and out of the top of your head as you breathe out. Feel that above your head is a region of golden light in which you have full access to your healing potential. Imagine the stress entering this region and visualise the situation being completely healed.

On an in-breath, draw this new situation into your heart and breathe it out into the scene in front of you, bringing peace and a good solution to that situation. See smiles of relief on the faces of everyone concerned.
Repeat steps 2-5 until you feel relaxed, calm and full of joy.

“Thanks to my regular Dru practice, I am able to meet challenges at work head on. I am now actually enjoying delivering presentations to important clients and closing a deal, whereas before I sometimes felt like crumbling!” – H.Y., architectural designer

Wishing you a stress free April and Happy Meditating!
Anouschka Dack

Dru Yoga teacher trainer and holistic therapist, Manchester
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March – Sitting Spinal Twist

Ardha Matsyendrasana – The Sitting Spinal Twist

Sitting spinal twistHow to do this posture:
Sit in the kneeling position. Using your right hand to steady you, move your body weight to your right side and come to sit on your right hip. Lift your left foot and place it on the floor on the outside of your right knee. Adjust your position so that you are sitting squarely on the floor on both sitting bones.

Tuck your right elbow around your left knee resting the hand against the thigh and clasp your your right wrist with your left hand, gently lifting through your spine. Extend your left arm sideways in a wide arc and place it on the floor behind you fingers pointing away.

Inhale and draw your knee  towards you. As you exhale rotate your torso to the left without straining your neck. Int this position draw your abdominal wall inwards and elongate your spine. to come out of the posture, release your arms and return to a forward facing position. Return to the original kneeling position and repeat on the opposite side.

Who shouldn’t do this:
Anyone suffering from a hernia or recent abdominal surgery. If you have a spinal disc problem check with your yoga teacher/ medial professional before doing this posture. Avoid during pregnancy. Best done on an empty stomach – and avoid if you’ve just eaten!

Internal organs of abdomen and pelvis area massaged.
Release tense muscles in neck and shoulders
Spine stretched and twisted – great for mobility
Detox of intestinal tract by compression and release
Directs energy up from sacrum to heart centre
Activates manipura chakra

This yoga posture is well known throughout all yoga styles as an effective way to detox your system and get the digestive system moving. It is also really important for the health of your spine and as a preventative for back pain.

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