Secret Two: Top 5 Secrets Successful Living

Secret number two – express gratitude for the miracle of your life!

vibrant-lauraOnce you’ve got the Light Shower technique under your belt (from secret no1) – this next stage takes us deeper into how you start your day in the most powerful way. This shouldn’t necessarily add more time to what you do, but it can make it exponentially more potent!

Sometimes we find it so easy to bypass the simple miracle of life. We’re so caught up in work, family, finances, concerns and worries – that we forget the simple pleasures and beauty around us. Have a read through this list and allow a sense of gratitude, love and joy to fill you – I challenge you not to feel warm and fuzzy!

  • Bird song on a crisp spring morning
  • The glory of autumn colours
  • The luminescent green leaves of spring
  • The sound of a babbling stream
  • The joyful laughter of a child
  • The embracing hug of a dear friend

You’ll find that much of the power of this technique comes directly from your gratitude and appreciation for the miracle that is your life, so as we go through, try to ‘feel’ as much as possible.

Discover the “Attitude of Gratitude”DYOS earth

1. Start as before with the Light Shower Technique, by allowing light to bathe your body. As it does, start to become even more aware of all the areas of the body the light is touching. The head and face, shoulders and arms, down into the torso and hips and down through the legs to the feet.

2. As the light touches you – inside and out – allow a deep sense of appreciation and gratitude to flow through you. Thank this incredible body we live in. Enjoy the warmth of self-love as you focus also on the internal organs, the lungs, the breath, the muscles and the brain.

3. Allow your gratitude and appreciation to flow into the space around you. Have gratitude that you have a safe, warm place to live in, that you have clothes and food.

4. Have gratitude for the people in your life. Each person has a message – has a gift, they can share with us. Allow yourself to be open to receiving that gift.

5. Finally expand your awareness out further into the space around where you live. If you are a visual person you could image yourself lifting higher and higher into the air, gradually becoming aware of the magnificence of the earth; a bright blue shining jewel, suspended in space. Now, see if you can enfold the earth, its diverse peoples, cultures, flora and fauna with your gratitude, love and appreciation. You can imagine light, or feel a wave of warmth spreading outward from you.

6. When you feel ready, allow your breath to become deeper, bringing your awareness inward once again. Focus on the coolness of the incoming breath and the warmth of the outgoing breath. Gently become aware of your body once again, and, keeping that sense of gratitude, start your day.



This technique is deceptively simple… don’t let that fool you into thinking that it isn’t effective of powerful – you should find with practice that this “Attitude of Gratitude” can have a profound and powerful effect on your life.

Gratitude is a very powerful secret because it actually puts you in charge of yourself and your life. You can now make a conscious choice as to how you perceive and respond to the situations you find yourself in – and choose to see everything that comes as a gift or ‘learning’, that will help you to grow and change. This means you are now responsible for your life and your emotions!

Gradually, you’ll be able to perceive this sense of gratitude permeating throughout your life – you’ll feel it when you meet an old friend, or go for a walk, or even just looking out at the clouds through the office window!

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed the second of the 5 Top Secrets to Successful Living. We’ll be posting the other 3 secrets at our Dru Online blog so keep posted! If you’ve enjoyed this technique you may enjoy attending one of our yoga or meditation retreats in North Wales, or even joining our Online Meditation Course.

Warm Regards,

Anouschka Dack


Secret One: Top 5 Secrets Successful Living

So… what’s the first secret?

This is one of the biggest and best-kept secrets around! Secret One of a successful life is how you ‘start’ your day. Those first few minutes are crucial to how your day (and therefore your week, and month and year… and even life) unfolds and manifests around you.

In this first secret, let’s explore how you can, very simply and quickly, ‘set’ the energy of your day to help you to get the most out of your life.

meditate-in-bedAbout the technique
Jumping out of bed (or even dragging!) as soon as the alarm goes off and going through the mechanics of getting up and dressed can often feel like a chore, something to ‘get done’ before ‘life’ starts.

This is technique is about pausing for a moment and setting your intention for the day ahead BEFORE you get up. By regularly using this short meditation technique, you’ll be able to perceive a conscious shift in your daily awareness towards that intention you set in the morning.

The Light Appreciation Society
Today, I watched the sun as it rose over the mountain side here at our Dru Centre in North Wales. For what felt like an eternity, I was standing in shadow and waiting – it felt as though I was waiting for the light to bathe my soul – just as water bathes the body… The next moment a sparkle of light peeped above the horizon, swiftly followed by the rest of this wondrous disc of light. My appreciation for that light and what it ‘IS’ took my breath away. Bottom line: without the sun – there would be no planet earth. They’d be no ‘me’ or ‘you’ at all!

As we go through the Light Shower technique below – see if you can hold that sense of appreciation and wonder at the beauty of light, and what that light means to you.

The Light Shower Technique

1. As you wake up – gently move (without opening your eyes) into a comfortable seated position.

2. See if you can begin to visualise sunlight touching the crown of your head, your face, shoulders and body. You could imagine light streaming in through the window and touching your body.

light-shower3. Allow that light to flow down over the crown of your head and down towards the shoulders, chest, abdomen, hips, legs and feet. See if you can ‘feel’ it as it pours over you like a warm, soft, healing, river of light.

4. Have an intention for that light to fill you body internally with light. You can use this affirmation: “My body is filled with light, health and energy.” If you are a visual person you can try to imagine that every cell of your body has a little sparkle of light making you glow with radiance.

5. Now that you are totally filled with light, use these three affirmations from Energy Block Release 4 to set a general intention for the day:

  • Focus your awareness around your head: “May all my thoughts be filled with light and highest purpose”
  • Focus on the area of the hearts and throat: “May all my words be filled with light and compassion.”
  • Focus on the abdomen, hands and legs: “May all my actions be filled with light and be for the benefit of all beings”

6. Spend a few moments in quiet contemplation before gently stretching your body and starting your day.

Advanced option:
Once you’ve been practicing this for a while, and it becomes second nature to wake up in this way, why not start to modify and change the affirmations to suit you and what you are going to do during that day. If you’re ill, you can have an intention for that light to heal you. If you know you get angry, you could hold an intention to have more patience today.

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We hope that you’ve enjoyed the first of the 5 Top Secrets to Successful Living. We’ll be posting the other 4 secrets here Dru Online blog so keep posted! Next in this series we’ll be exploring Secret Two – helping you to take the power of the Light Shower Technique and amplify it and turn it into a powerful tool for success!

If you’ve enjoyed this technique you may enjoy attending one of our yoga or meditation retreats in North Wales, or even joining our Online Meditation Course.

Warm Regards,
Anouschka Dack

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Top 5 Secrets Successful Living

Do you wish you could enjoy your week days as much as the weekends? Do you feel as though you don’t have time to enjoy your life to the full? Does your life lack direction and purpose?

We all want to lead a balanced lifestyle, with enough time to enjoy our family and friends as well as pursuing hobbies and taking time to relax and unwind. However, even though most of us would say these are the most important things to us – they are also the easiest ones to throw out the window when times get tough.

So how do we find our perfect balance and live a successful life?

In this series of blog posts we’ll be exploring how to find your perfect life balance through a wide range of techniques and contemplations. Each area has a practical ‘to do’ section so you can put it into action – today – now!!!

Work through these secrets one at a time, see if you can anchor them into your life, making them into your new positive habits!

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