Dru Pre-natal yoga

DYOS-jenni-jonesCalling all you pregnant ladies…yoga has a gift for you!

Why is it that some women swan through pregnancy and childbirth without a care in the world, relishing every moment of it, and other women struggle every step of the way, swearing that “nobody needs more than one child anyway” when asked if they are going to do it again! It has been postulated that stress and tension levels have a little something to do with it…

Cue the pre-natal expert… Jenni Jones, Dru Yoga Teacher, from Liverpool!

Jenni Jones is Liverpool’s very own Florence Nightingale. Specialising in pre and post natal pregnancy yoga, Jenni helps the Mums of Liverpool through the trials and tribulations of pregnancy and childbirth through her amazing business ‘Yoga Bumps and Babies’

Q. So Jenni…..what is the gift that yoga has to offer pregnant women?

A. From fertility, conception and pregnancy through to birth and crawling babies – yoga can support you every step of the way! Many believe there is an inner wisdom within us all, a body wisdom if you like, a huge resource available to us as women and as mothers – to find it we have to step out of the busyness of life and connect deeply with our body.

Q. How can we connect with that inner wisdom?

A. You have to listen to your intuition, strengthen the bond with your baby and breathe deeply through your day. Through your yoga movements, breath awareness and deep relaxation you can find you inner connection and a deep sense of peace.

Q. How can we stay happy through pregnancy?

A. Oxytocyn is the hormone which supports our relaxation. It’s our feel-good, relaxed, happy, love hormone! It helps us to create our babies, to enjoy the pregnancy and helps us through the birth. The great news is that yoga helps to promote and support the production of Oxytocyn in our bodies – filling us with a great feel good factor!

Q. What’s your top tip for women during their pregnancy?

A. Take time each day to breathe deeply connect with your body and your baby. Make yoga part of your daily ritual. Pregnancy and birth is a journey you make together make it easier and more delightful by nurturing yourself with prana through yoga practice and foods that really nourish you both deeply, Taking care of yourself is a beautiful way to take care of your baby.

Jenni is a pre and post natal yoga expert in Liverpool, teaching classes, workshops and baby massage. Find out more at www.yogabumpsandbabies.co.uk



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