Dru Yoga Flow

Often in my workshops and on our training courses I get asked “what is your specialty”… An interesting question for anyone. Some things I love but am not necessarily and expert in and others I resist with all my being but its something I do really well!

With regards to yoga I often conclude that my specialty is what I love to do rather than how good I am at it! For me that area is what we call Dru Yoga Flow.

When we combine Dru Yoga postures into a slow, flowing sequence, Dru Flow is born. This style of Dru is often what you experience at our local classes and workshops. Individual postures or asanas are very powerful in their own right, and, when combined with other postures of a similar type or feel those benefits can be directed, guided, amplified and can create amazing changes in our energy, emotional and physiological system. Its like an alchemy of energetic awareness!

Many of the sequences that you see in Dru are combinations of the ancient postures combined together for a specific outcome. For example the Vitality Sequence is a different, but similar in feel to the Dru Power sequence. However, these are very different from the Moon sequence and Earth sequence which have a very different look and feel.

When working with Dru Flow, you will initially have to trust the teacher, book or DVD to know what each sequence is doing to the different layers of your body, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As you begin to explore this aspect of yoga in depth you will then begin to feel what happens within the body and energy – this is when your yoga practice really starts to work for you. Guided by your own body’s intuition your will be drawn to one sequence or another, or even a combination of sequences and postures that make up your yoga practice. This will then begin to vary from day to day, dependent upon what you need at any one time.

To build up your repertoire of yoga postures and sequences you can try a few things like attending a local Dru Yoga class, a Dru Yoga workshop in your area or our Dru Yoga Foundation Course or join our Dru Yoga Online Studio. Another great way to learn Dru Postures is through our books and DVDs. I recommend the Dru Yoga Stillness in Motion book, as this had diagrams about the energy flow within the sequences.

Enjoy working with and exploring this fabulous form of Dru Yoga!
Anouschka Dack

Dru Yoga teacher trainer
and Holistic therapist, Manchester UK