Light is the essence of transformation

Light is the essence of transformation…

I awoke from sleep with those word fully formed in my mind. Light. Is. The. Essence. Of. Transformation. The rest of my morning was then dedicated in the pursuit of trying to understand that, which on the surface, looks like a simple statement!

LIGHT is the essence of transformation… So what is light and why is it so amazing? In yoga we talk about light as many things; from a tangible energetic substance that can be directed through and around the body to something to be meditated upon and focused on in stillness to ‘mine’ its secrets. When I think of light I am often awed by the presence of light in our lives in the form of our sun. The radiance and joy that the sun brings out in us is huge. It really is the reason that our planet can exist in its current form. Even the distance from the sun is absolutely imperative, for just a few miles further away and we’d be so much colder like Mars and just a little closer and we’d be far too hot! Right here is our little slice of heaven – a perfect playground for evolution, and we owe it all to the light and warmth of our sun. So today – please take some time to honor and appreciate the privilege we have to live on this planet, and maybe do a couple of sun sequences to tune into the energy of the sun and its light.

Light is the ESSENCE of transformation… Essence; “The most important ingredient; the crucial element.” As a dictionary definition, this one isn’t bad! Essence is a word we use to describe subtlety, elusiveness and a substance that is so fine, so precious, so fundamentally present, and yet still imperceptible, unknowable and untouchable by our finite human senses. That essence is like a sent on the wind.  A tantalising glimpse of the Divine in moments of pure joy, stillness, compassion. Today – look for the essence. It may be well disguised – but it is there. It is always there ready to hold, support and uplift us.

Light is the essence of TRANSFORMATION… When I used to hear the word transformation, I’d think of something negative – that it would or could mean pain either mental or physical. When we fear change in our lives we can very easily become ‘stuck’. We put on our blinkers and refuse to see what we know is inevitable, because we are fearful of hurt, rejection and even of our own potential. Over the years I’ve been practicing my yoga, I’ve realised that change can be something positive; and that in reality, change is natural and even to be welcomed. I have come to look at transformation, not as something cataclysmic that will rock my world  and from there on after be irrecoverably changed… but to see it as a natural progression of my spiritual evolution. By me attempting to change myself, my attitude and my perception of others – I am, in essence, transforming my self at a deep level. Transformation then, for all of us, happens on a moment by moment basis.

In conclusion: Light, that vibrant, powerful source of our life’s energy is the essence, or ‘crucial element’ for our personal transformation and spiritual evolution. So, we each now need to decide how we USE that light in order for it to help us in our transformation process to reach for the very highest vision for our lives.

Anouschka Dack

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