How I discovered Dru Yoga…

dru-class-teacher-croppedI first discovered yoga in the mid-nineties. I was teaching at secondary school level at the time, and I was looking for a way of managing a stressful job and keeping flexible. I noticed my local leisure centre offered a yoga class and I joined up.

At the time I wasn’t aware of different yoga styles, but from what I recall it was a hatha style class, with the emphasis on holding various hatha poses for a period of time.  I had never tried yoga before and loved it – it offered me time out after a busy day’s teaching for myself to just be and quieten my busy mind.

Soon after starting yoga I began to re-evaluate my life and as a result left teaching. I loved the job in many ways, but the practice of yoga really brought home to me the effects that my teaching job was having on my health.  I entered into a series of jobs in heritage, moving around the country. I endeavored to keep my yoga up – using videos when I couldn’t find a class.  And attending classes where ever possible – over the years I have attended hatha, Iyengar, Yin and Kundalini classes.

I first came across Dru yoga in 2009 whilst surfing online. I remember being intrigued by its gentle graceful nature, flowing sequences and the ‘energy block releases’ unique to this style of yoga. I looked for a local teacher but unfortunately wasn’t able to find a regular local class in my area. I contacted the Dru Midlands office based in Wolverhampton and they encouraged me to try some workshops and even try the Teacher Training Taster day they had planned.  Having attended the taster and a workshop – as well as buying the DVD – I became hooked.

I completed the Dru Teacher Training course in 2012 and I loved every minute of it. Not only did the course satisfy my appetite to discover more about Dru, I learned effective techniques to apply in my everyday life. When it’s all feeling a bit hectic my favorite is to take some time out and stand in mountain pose, breathe and ground myself. Simple, yet very effective!   And the energy block releases have taught me the importance of releasing unresolved emotional energy.

Dru yoga has been a valuable addition to my life on many levels. It helps me manage the demands of daily life, keeps my energy levels up and also allows me the time and space to focus. I am now teaching Dru Yoga and I am constantly delighted to see how Dru yoga positively helps and empowers my students.

Susan Hardwick
Dru Yoga Teacher, Nottingham

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A matter of mind over massage?

As a therapist I often get asked to ‘fix’ someone or get them better – but what does that really mean?

Over the last 10 years I have been on many holistic courses – always in persuit of the ONE therapy that will bring the most relief – i guess the miracle cure or the ‘pill’ that will fix everything and make anything unsavory just disappear… From CraniaoSacral therapy to hot stone massage, meditation and NLP – the question is always: what is the perfect combination?

Unfortunately you, like me, will find that there is only one thing that can ‘fix’ any problem and that IS that miracle cure… Yes – you’ve guessed it!!! It’s YOU!!!!

Now that may sound a bit harsh – of course we, as therapists, can ease your journey and give you guidance and even make it enjoyable – but I have found from my experience that is is our MINDS that hold the greatest control over what we see, feel and perceive. As each one of us is unique each of our paths is different. The way we feel nurtured and cared for is different. The way we see if a glass is half-full or half-empty… these are all filters that have been developed from a lifetime of learned judgements, perceptions, values and morals.

So is it a matter of mind over massage?

For me it’s simply a matter of mind and massage! There is no way I have yet found to ‘think’ away those aching shoulders or to ‘think’ away vertigo, but to apply the right formula of massage, yoga stretches and maybe even a pinch of positive self talk there is little doubt that with strength and purpose of mind we can achieve ANYTHING we wish for in our lives – and not just reduced back pain.

There are a few things that can really help keep your body happy and healthy. The most important is to ensure that every day you do some kind of movement work – whether it’s a walk in nature or some stretches – keeping your spine healthy is one of THE most fundamental ways to ensure optimum health. Remember that you spine moves forwards, backwards, sideways and twist – so doing these movements at least once a day should help to keep your physical body healthy and awake.

To train the muscle of your mind – you will have to be cunning and strategic – you’ll find that the mind has a great capacity for self sabotage. Just the other day I was talking to one of my mentors saying that I couldn’t get consistent with my meditation practice… The answer was quite revealing; “But you are CONSISTENTLY NOT doing your practice!!! Therefore your problem is not consistency! It is your MIND resisting doing something it doesn’t want to do!”

So in the matter of mind and massage I suggest a mixture – just like cooking find your best recipe by trial and error. Find the bits that work, the bits that need a bit more seasoning and the bits that complement your dish perfectly – then formulate your plan and stick with it for your total wellbeing in both body and mind!

Anouschka Dack is a holistic therapist and Dru Yoga teacher in Manchester. Specialising in holistic and hot stone massage and CranioSacral Therapy. To book an appointment email