How amazing is Dru!

Last week I had the great enjoyment of traveling to London to participate int the B-fit Exhibition at London’s Excel. Dru Yoga were sponsoring Fitness T.V. a great sky channel dedicated to health and fitness. There we were with our fantastic looking stall, yoga mats at the ready and the film crew standing by to ask us all about the benefits of Dru Yoga. What an amzaing thought… not asking about ‘yoga’… but Dru Yoga…

It really struck me whilst at the exhibition that absolutely everyone who had come to our stall had heard about or regularly practiced some kind of yoga – it really is coming into the main stream of our society – and therefore it felt so exciting for me to see  that people are more and more confident in discovering that yoga had many facets, and that there is a perfect style for each one of us.,

I discovered Dru when I was but sweet 16! I had the privilege to be able to attend a youth event in North Wales under the guidance of some of the finest experts in the field of Yoga. Since then I have learnt, not only to teach Dru Yoga, but also to teach others how to teach! There is nothing I’ve found as quite so satisfying as seeing new graduates flourish and blossom under the care of Dru Yoga. Dru is a way of life, a subtle change of attitude towards positivity, empowerment and inner strength.

Over the years there have been many times, where just having met someone they’ll say ‘why is it you are all so…. nice? friendly? loving? What is it about you guys?’

There is so much to Dru – so many layers, so many facets: but what I do know is that there is also depth, peace, serenity and an ocean of joy. Underlying and underscoring everything we do is integrity and congruency to help others achieve their absolute highest potential. The motto I often hear our Dru Team live by is: ‘helping others by giving them the tools to help themselves.’ Dru is not a passive form of yoga where we do it to you and you feel better – the student has to engage, to learn, participate and apply themselves and step into their full power!

For more information about Dru Yoga and Dru events check us out on

Anouschka Dack Dru Yoga teacher trainer and therapist



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