Who is your ‘Dream keeper’?

Do you have a passion? A dream? Something you aspire to?

When talking over the New Year to Samia Rani from Creative Confidence, who is also a dear friend of mine, I asked her about what she has found the most important thing in maintaining conviction and dedication to your goals. She introduced to me the concept of having a ‘dream keeper’. (For more information about Samia check out her blog here)

Dream keepers are those people who you completely confide in to help you to establish your dreams. They are there only to support you – weather that’s by listening, providing you with caffeine, or giving you their thoughts and ideas! What is really, really important about your dream keepers is that they are NOT there to judge or criticise!

We all have firends and family who means well, but ultimately are not overly concerned with your welfare, more that they want a piece of the action, or that they want to be able to express something of themselves. These types of people are not, from my experience, very helpful to you as a dream keeper unless you establigh some ground rules first. This can be as simple as: Under no circumstances will you be negative about my goals. You will not share or gossip. You will listen to my ideas and hep me develop them, even if at first they sound a little far fetched. This is to ensure that you have a trusting relationship, whereby you can share anything you want – without feeling in any way that you are not achieving your aims and goals, and also that you ARE able to reach for the stars if you so wish! This also means that when you aren’t quite on track you can give them permission to hold you accountable for what you said you would do.

“So why didn’t you make that phone call?”

When I find something hasn’t been done… I look back and if I’m really honest with myself I have found that I was procrastinating – and if I’d just got on with it…. It would have been much better for everyone!!!! With your dream keeper you should be able to be completely honest, both with yourself and them. So choose your dream keeper carefully to ensure that they have the right qualities for you. If you can, choose someone who has already succeeded in something, that has some experience in the path that you wish to travel. This way you can hang out with someone who will help you. If you choose someone who doesn’t have the qualities and skills you are looking for – then inevitably, you will find yourself becoming more and more like them, and less like what you want to become!

I am fortunate enough that my dream keeper is also my mentor. I have the greatest respect for someone who can not only guide and give sound advice, but also listen deeply. In all my interactions feel valued, heard and most importantly empowered. Yes, I am definitely held accountable – so sometimes an email, sometimes and quick call or text – and I’m back on track. But I find that in this way I am hanging out with the right people and talking about the right kinds of things – and therefore by default I will begin to achieve much higher results than if I were on my own.

So choose wisely who you share your dreams with. Stay strong and true to your goals and stand firm in your conviction and integrity!

By Anouschka Dack

Any thoughts?

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