What’s your biggest carrot???

The other day I was talking with a friend and I asked her – what is your biggest carrot to get you out of bed in the morning?!?

From my experience as a yoga teacher I have come to understand just how important the first few minutes of each day are – they are essential to set the energy of the day and to hold a positive intention for what you are going to do and achieve. We all have those mornings which are a bit harder than the others – you know the ones –  when its cold… dark… raining… or you just want to stay warm and cosy… sleeeeeep zzzz zzzz zzz…

But all in all I’ve found that if I get up when I wake up rather than lounge in bed I have a much better, happier and more productive day. Having said that I don’t just leap out of bed and dive into the shower! The first 10 – 15 minutes are a perfect opportunity to come round gently and really savor the moment. Someone else I know has an automatic tea maker (whatever next!) which means she props herself up in bed and enjoys a cuppa without even getting out of bed (of course if you have a human tea maker its even better!)

So the important question is…. what do we do in those first few minutes?!?!?

In a way it goes back to your goals. What is it you want to achieve in the long run – and then split it down into manageable chunks.

1. Positive Affirmation
The first thing I personally work with are my positive affirmations. These are great to get in BEFORE the mind has a chance to get in with the self sabotage!  So things like; “I am full of health and vitality!” ” I stand in my full strength and power!” “I am so happy and grateful that _______”

2. Those who are close to me
Then I think about those who I love – “I am so happy and grateful that ______ is full of energy and has the confidence to _______.” You can make up all your own statements, however, do ensure that they are in the present tense and that they are positive and empowering – even if it’s your mother-in-law you’re thinking about… she must have some good qualities!!! You will be amazed how your relationships start to become more positive with every person you think about. This goes a long way to healing breeches inspiring forgiveness and most importantly keeps YOU inspired and uplifted too!

3. Think about your carrot!
What is it that you are motivated, passionate, excited and inspired about? THAT is your carrot. What is it that you would get out of bed for? What is it you would drop everything for and run towards? (I’m not necessarily meaning your work here!) What is it  – or even – who is it that you love most? When you think about that thing you love – you will find that because of the space you give to yourself first thing in the morning, ideas will start to come to you about how to make your carrot even bigger, better and even shinier! Creating the space and time first thing in the morning is a little like creating a vacuum for creative ideas to slip in. Therefore keep a notebook by your bed to record any fabulous flashes of inspiration as they come in!


Remember, the best time to do this is before you get out of bed in the morning. I find propping myself up with pillows is great – lying down to do this can be detrimental to the overall purpose of waking up with energy!!!

Anoushka Dack

Anouschka Dack

So tomorrow morning remember to wake yourself up with energy and vitality! Enjoy! Anouschka and the Dru Manchester team


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