10 Top tips for Goal Setting – the Dru Way!

Yes! It’s that time of year again!

I must not eat chocolate… I will go to the gym every day…

As the New Year approaches, untold thousands of us will be writing down our goals and resolutions for the year ahead – but for many of us, these goals fizzle out after the fist few months… weeks… even days or hours! So in this blog I’m going to look at a few ideas of how to set realistic targets so that we can set our goals and actually feel really good about achieving them!

1. BE PASSIONATE  – There is absolutely no way that you will achieve your goal if it is just a vague inclination! Ensure that whatever you decide to do/ not do, is really important to you – and if necessary that you have the appropriate amount of ‘leverage’ in order to help you get there.

2. MAKE IT REALISTIC – Take time to really look at your goals and ensure that although challenging, they are going to be possible. Yes you can hope for a miracle – but if success is what you are after it is really important that your goals are achievable!

3. WRITE YOUR GOALS WELL – The right language is really important in goals setting because you are working with your subconscious mind. Using the the present tense “I am….”  rather than “I will” is really great as the future tense is only ever going to be happening in the future, therefore; non-manifestation! It is also said that our subconscious only hears the positive of the sentence… For example take; “I will not eat chocolate” Our subconscious hears… “eat chocolate…” huuummmmm…. chocolate…… (said with a Homer Simpson voice!)

Positive gratitude is also very powerful – its like saying thank you for your goal manifesting – this means in your mind that there isn’t a shadow of a doubt that it will actually come to pass. Use this formula for great goal setting!

“I am so happy and grateful that I am ___________

e.g. I am so happy and grateful that I am full of health and vitality. I am so happy and grateful that I am financially abundant and that I have £_____ per month coming into my bank account. I am so happy and grateful that I have all the spiritual knowledge I need to live a full and happy life.

4. HAVE A BUDDY – Set up a success strategy for helping you to keep your goals. One great way is to have a ‘buddy’ who can help you by checking how you are doing and helping you to establish small steps – and even reward when you have proven that you are on target!

5. MOVE THE GOAL POSTS – Don’t be afraid to move the goal posts if things get a bit too much – Its fine to re-evaluate the time frame you have set for yourself. If its unrealistic because circumstances have changed, that’s fine. It’s important to flow. The important thing to know is that you are NOT a failure!

6. FOCUS ONE ONE THING AT A TIME – If we try to re-vamp our lives in the fist two weeks of January we are potentially setting ourselves up for failure. Its important to pace ourselves and work towards our goals – all our goals – in an achievable time frame. That may mean that we choose one goal for January – achieve it – and then move on to February’s goal.

7. DO SOMETHING EVERY DAY – Do you want it? Do you really, really want it?!?!? Have you noticed that those people who are really passionate about something often talk about it? Somehow their conversations ALWAYS seem to come back to that one thing? The important key with this attitude is that it is the process of manifestation. By focusing on your goal, asking for ideas, explaining why it’s so good and why its important to you can create opportunities though our networks, friends and contacts that may help us achieve our goals.

Active participation on a constant and consistent basis brings your goal into reality.

8. SET A DATE – Have a realistic time frame in which you wish to achieve your goal. This helps to give you something to aim towards.

9. BABY STEPS – The best way to get results in something is set yourself for SUCCESS! This means making a few smaller goals within a smaller time frame rather than one big goal.

10. ENJOY IT! – This is one of the most important things we need in goal setting – it’s the process as well as the goal that should make you feel excited and happy. I’ve found that you’ll find and even greater sense of achievement if you dedicate your goal to someone or something or ensure that by helping you reach your goals you are also positively influencing others.

So there we are – 10 great tips for positive goal setting. As New Year’s is coming up in a few days – take a few minutes to really consider how you would like to be next year, what you would like to change about yourself and set your goals accordingly.

So enjoy! Have a great New Year!

Anouschka and the Dru Manchester Team.

p.s. want to know more about Goal Setting? Annie Jones is a master of Creative Visioning for success in finance, relationships, spirituality and health. For more information about 1 to 1 sessions with Annie, please email annie@druworldwide.com


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