Expectations, expectations!

What is it that determines our experiences?

Consider – you walk into a room and someone does something to annoy you. Imagine, the next time you walk into that room, the same person does the same thing to annoy you. Now – every time you walk into that room – guess what? You get annoyed! Why? What is it within us that is creating that reality?

There are many schools of thought that suggest that it is our expectations that seem to determine what we experience. Expectation or intention can be influenced by many things; from judgement and prior experiences to total belief or disbelief. The important factor is that we DO and ARE actively participating in designing our destiny in this moment by the process of our expectations.

One of my close friends recently said to me “living fully today creates your tomorrow”. The Indians call it Karma and in the west we often say; ‘what goes around comes around’. But in its basic form this is an understanding that; what we ‘put out’ into the universe, into the space around us, even as close as the thoughts we think – have to have a compounded effect…. Good things bring more good things. Bad things bring more of the bad things. Therefore it follows that if we want ‘good things’ or we want something specific… we should give of that thing or put our energy into that thing…

Phew! that can seem quite deep – but in truth – its not! Its simply a law of the universe. So this week – let’s give of ourselves that which we would like to receive – one word to the wise – the return effect may not be instantaneous!!! It may be a couple of hours, days, months or even years until the fruits of your actions come back to you.

And… next time we walk into that room – let’s choose to have a different expectation of what will happen there. Give out a different intention and we will be sure to experience something quite different!

Anouschka Dack

“If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Anthony Robbins


Any thoughts?

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