I am so happy and grateful that…

We recently had our Dru Manchester Christmas party. For those of you know us at Dru – it’s not ever going to be your ‘normal’ office party! With yummy veggie food and cups of tea, followed by a balloon fight, yoga and meditation, it was a party with a difference…

What I really enjoyed was the feeling of coming together. There is, no doubt, a core essence of unity and peace that we are all striving towards, and it seems to become more obvious at this time of year. We have the privilege in our lives that we can  take time for the important things; to really acknowledge and work with what, and most importantly who, we value.

“I am so happy and grateful…” is said to be the best start to a sentence ever… Because when we can be not only happy but deeply grateful for everything we have we are truly living in a place of success! Gratitude opens the heart and fills us humility, courage and strength. Often these kind of emotions are seen as being ‘soft’ or ‘fluffy’, but in reality they are the essential building blocks of our lives.

This week why not start every day with the sentence: “I am so happy and grateful that…’ and fill in the blanks!!!

So here’s to positive affirmation and positive thinking this Christmas time! (And yes! You really do have enough time to do all the things you still need to do!)

“I am so happy and grateful I have enough time to do all the things that need to be done before Christmas in a totally relaxed way, for the benefit of all beings!”

Have a great few weeks! Anouschka and your Dru Manchester team.

If you want more information about Dru Yoga and meditation classes, workshops, training courses and holidays at our fabulous retreat centre in North Wales visit our website: www.druworldwide.com and for local events to Dru Manchester: www.drumanchester.com


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