Beyond the winter veil

And so the winter sets in…
It seems strange as I look at the dark sky’s rain laden clouds chasing one another across a bleak landscape… Surely there must be sun somewhere up there?!??!

Isn’t it amazing that we see only what is in front of us- we see the veil (the clouds)- but beyond that do we truly believe that there is something wondrous, beautiful and exciting? We choose only to see what we want to see; those things we have trained ourselves to see through our habits and judgements. However, all our perceptions are doing for us… is stopping us from perceiving ‘reality’.

I think it’s so important, especially at this time of year, that we look to what’s beyond that veil. Beyond our expectations. To truly see who we are. What we want. And most importantly, the truth that we can have anything we choose in our lives.

Today a friend reminded me that it’s our expectations that create our reality.  It is therefore our responsibility to take charge of our errant thoughts and bring them back to a place of purity and perspective. From here we can begin to see all that needs to be implemented for us stand in our true power and strength.
Today I invite you to change your perspective a little. See things from soneone else’s perspective. But stand strong in your own confidence. Be open enough to the world around you to know that whilst you and your core essence are indestructible – now is the perfect time to learn; to be humble.


3 thoughts on “Beyond the winter veil

  1. I read this post on the perfect day: Just received some not-too-good feedback and a couple of projects have been rejected. All in one day. So I am ready to listen and see today’s reality from a different perspective, but while doing so, standing strong in my own confidence seems like a big challenge. As you say, it is time to learn and to be humble.
    On a more metaphysical tone, don’t you think the problem is the word ‘reality’ itself? It is always good to believe the clouds are hiding something that is ‘more true’ than them; the only problem (and maybe the reason sometimes we cannot see this ‘true reality’, if I can call it like that) is that behind the clouds there will be NOTHING unless we build it. So I like to believe that reality is changeable, adaptable, adjustable, and that we have the power and the obligation to create the best one for us and for others. If we just believe there is something there, detached from ourselves, which needs to be found, it is easy to fall into the desperation of finding something even scarier that the clouds: void. Or is there anything else?

  2. Hi Veronica. Nothing could be more true- it is totally our responsibility to create our reality. There is so much potential for us. I find that the creation begins to manifest as soon as we ‘intend’ something- it is our thoughts that precipitate our emotion- and feeling good about something certainly manifests things quicker! When then begins to create the opportunities and ‘cgance’ interactions, which eventually manifest that which we want. Of course- we do this all the time. What we don’t realise- is that everything- everything is created by US! And that it is our choices that create the life we lead. Quite exciting I’d you think about it! Anouschka x

  3. I totally agree with you, Anouschka. However, some may think, ‘and what about when things go really really bad? Is that what we have created for ourselves? What about poverty -espcially for the mere fact of being born in a poor country-, and illness -especially children-, and death?
    When I get to that point of questioning I can go towards two opposite directions: 1/ Reality is random, nothing you can think or do can change certain things or 2/ here is when faith comes into play. There must be something I cannot understand right now, something bigger than myself, earth, the universe, life or death, there must be something that simply ‘is’ without a reason, an intention, an explanation. Some days I am inclined towards 1. Although it might sound negative, I turn the statement around and the concept of MUTUAL RESPONSIBILITY appears. With myself and with the rest of the world. It strikes me that we are ONE and that we constantly affect each other. Somebody’s poverty in Africa can (and is) also the consequence of our actions here. We must be aware of this, and we must act. So my answer to 1 is simply a necessary step to leap outside my individuality and embrace what being human trully entails. That includes both being mindful and taking action. But this still doesn’t explain, for example, why things like big earth disasters or children’s illness exist. Whose thoughts made them happen? So other days I am more inclined to think toward 2. I need to rest, I need to feel we are looked after by something-someone bigger. I need to stop worrying, and thinking, and wishing, and fighting. I need to let go. Yes, we need to create our reality but we also need time and space to allow changes to happen. I need stillness. I need faith. I guess, I need acceptance. After all, there are still no answers that 100% satisfy me, only a path we must walk to try make things better.
    Based on the statement ‘thoughts become things’, what are your answers to injustifiable illness (like children’s), poverty in the third world, natural disasters and other horrible things that happen?

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